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Meet Presley Logan Bodine

The Tabby
Donna Bodine Waxhaw, NC
1 and 10 months
Bringing live animals, not harmed, to his mom which is me! Rides in car in passengers seat like a person! Running as fast as he can in back yard and playing peek a boo! Stays around house and comes when I call to check on me.
Very shy of people that visit. Runs and hides for long time! Doesn't like storms lays on me scared.
Favorite Foods
He only likes the brand cat food hard and soft called BEYOND- Salmon and brown rice - all soft food flavors of beyond but only gravy ones. Not patte! Doesn't like people food!
Favorite Pastimes
Watches TV with us EVERYNIGHT! Plays ball with paper balls as I through in air and he tries to catch with 1 paw! Succeeds! Chasing butterflies

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