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Meet Lucky

The Domestic Medium Hair
Deana Woetko Forest City

My name is Lucky, interesting fact about me, I used to be a feral kitten living on my mom's porch, my mom would feed me every day. One day on Friday the 13th it was one of the coldest winters, I ran into my mom's home and made myself at home. I was sick with feline herpes and my mom brought me to the doctors, I am all better now, I take vitamins daily. That is how I got the name Lucky 





Lucky Charm
Playing with my big brother Shadow and cuddling with my mom
No human who is not my mom or dad I only trust them, oh and the out doors
Favorite Foods
Pizza but mom says that is bad for me, I used to eat it out of her garbage when I lived outside
Favorite Pastimes
Looking out the window and watching the birds fly into my bird house mom built for me to watch them, I hope mom buys me a bird some day

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