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Meet Panic and Alvin

The Domestic Shorthairs
Alina Rowlett TX

Panic loves to wake up at three in the morning when my moms hungry so she first uses the litter box.Then when my mom pours a nice cold glass of milk and walks to get the cookies Panic dipps her litter paw in and licks it.Alvin likes the outdoors.But he eats the grass and throws up.He also goes behind the house and jumps over the fence.And when were done with that he makes his way in the goter and he meows.We think he's hurt and flip out but he always comes back.

16/Panic and 4/Alvin
Panicwass and Mr.Man
Panic:Sleeping Eating going outside Alvin/Eating sleeping watching birds
Panic:Moving and our dogs Alvin:Moving Running and Cookie and Moonlight not Sonya
Favorite Foods
Panic:Cat treats and milk from only when my mom wants it then she dipps her paw in and drinks it Alvin:Anything other that human food
Favorite Pastimes
Panic:sleeping eating and trying to beat the world record of not moving Alvin:Catnip and meowing for attention

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