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Meet Ophelia

The Orange Tabby Munchkin
Jennifer Hacker Sausalito, CA

Ophelia was a rescue and is now 8 months old. She loves her Teddy Bear and doesn't go anywhere without her Teddy. She loves road trips and . flying on airplanes. She is the best travler, always ready for an adventure and has already been to 10 states. She loves going for walks on her leash and playing with big dogs. She is full of so much love and has the biggest personality. Ophelia is the best little munchkin sidekick and companion.

8 months
Being the center of attention
When her Friskies Wobbler runs out of treats
Favorite Foods
Cheddar Goldfish, surf n turf dry food and Fancy Feat assorted seafood
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with Teddy and Traveling

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