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Meet Brian (Bri Bri)

The Maine Coon Mix
Scott and Debbie Tappan Lake
Bri Bri is our 10 year old living Teddy Bear. He was a surprise gift, as his mom was unexpectedly expecting when we rescued her. Bri, his Maine Coon mom, and his three equally cuddly Maine Coon brothers have blessed our lives every day. Brian loves napping on the couch,, and watching the birds, squirrels, bunnies, and the playful red fox in the woods next to our home from the upstairs windows. His favorite part of the day is falling asleep each night snuggled up between us in our big cozy bed.
Bri Bri and Big Guy
Naps, watching the animals in the woods from the upstairs windows and playing fetch with empty toulet paper rolls. .
Riding in the car, especially when the destination is the vet's office and loud noises.
Favorite Foods
PureVita canned snd dry....canned always preferred.
Favorite Pastimes
Cuddling, purring, napping, and hide and go seek..

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