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Meet Frank

The Seal Point Ragdoll
Dawn Rakiey Lubbock, TX

Frank was dropped off at my friend's barn when he was just a few weeks old.  (People tend to drop off their animals there when they don't want them).  I had just lost my 20 year old siamese and wasn't sure my heart could handle another cat after that loss.  The moment I saw him, I knew I was meant to be his momma!  He is the most loveable cat and has already set his high standards with only eating wet food!  He has been a blessing in my life!

6 months
Frank The Tank, Frankie, Fuzzy Frank
hiding under the bed and attacking anyone that walks by, sleeping, eating, playing catch the laser light, playing fetch, snuggling with my momma, licking my momma's face in the morning when I'm hungry, bird watching
when my mommy has to give me a bath, when there is no more food in my food bowl
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast canned food Grilled Seafood or Grilled Beef and Poultry
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, cuddling

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