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Meet Finnegan

The Ragdoll
Lindsay Oaklyn, NJ

Finnegan is a 1 year old Ragdoll.  He loves tummy rubs and playing with his human brother Jack. Finnegan loves to wake his mommy and daddy early in the morning with loud meow's while jumping on the bed. Sometimes we think Finnegan (Finn for short) thinks he's a dog as he loves to play fetch with his toys (his favorite one being a straw which he loves to place in his food while eating). Finns all time favorite foods is Chicken, he can smell it cooking a mile away. 

Finn, Finny Finn
Belly rubs
When his brother plays Star Wars with him, not a fan of the light saber or a vacuum
Favorite Foods
Chicken and Ham (that he sometimes steals from his brother Jacks sandwich).
Favorite Pastimes
Looking outside at the birds and drinking from the toilet

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