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Meet Sweety

The Siberian
Sonia Antony Bangalore

Hello Modercat,

I am Sweety,I am 10 years old female Siberian feline.Living in Bangalore.

About Parents:

I am the only child of my parents,living with them from the previous 10 years..I won't allow my parents to do anything for the first 30 minutes when they returned from the office.I like to cuddle with my dad especially.They won't force me to do anything....They are respecting my decisions and identity....


Other than fish, will say NO NO... . Best taste I ever tasted is Petromalt Hairball paste....(please note should be "Fish Flavoured") . Likes to sleep over the laptop.. .Very enthusiastic.Like to enjoy waking up my mom during midnight for a short cuddl
Dislikes . hates brushing and bathing(I am grownup and ready to manage myself) .hates summer(as my instinct from the frozen region,anyway manages with AC)
Favorite Foods
Petromalt hairball paste and Jer high tuna treat
Favorite Pastimes
spending with plants,like to fetch laser marks

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