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Meet Zelda

The Persian
Lisbeth Västerås

Zelda is one year old and truly loves feet and affection. But above all she loves attention. She will stare into your eyes for minutes and the snuggle around on the floor until. If you simply walk away she will run ahead of you and either throw herself on your feet or right in front of you and start making cute little noises and be all fluffy and cute. She knows she's adorable. She also has her very own instagram account - @zzeldathecat.

She is absolute amazing.

1 year, 1 month
Zelda, gose (basically cuddle in english),
Attention, eye contact, feet, plastic, boxes and being chased.
Playing by herself (humans most attend or at least watch), walking outside, huge stuffed animals (especially if they look like sharks), closed doors and being ignored.
Favorite Foods
Feet, plastic and anything besides my actual food.
Favorite Pastimes
Rolling around on the floor, annoying humans, sleeping, cuddling, being pretty and sitting in the window

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