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Meet Pebbles

The Domestic Short Hair
Gianna Pierce and Chris Biemer Aurora, IL

I was rescued on the side of the road when I was just three weeks old with my three brothers. Luckily some nice lady found me and brought me into a natural pet store where this nice young woman was shopping and she decided to take me home when my brothers stayed with the nice lady! As soon as I got to my new home, I lived in the bathtub and was bottle-fed every four hours until I was able to eat on my own. I got my first warm bed with many toys/blankets and I am the happiest kitty now!

9 months
Bum-bum, Mr. Pebbles, Butternut Squash
Belly rubs, Eating, Cuddling with his Alpaca bear, Going outside
Getting woken up from naps, Getting his eyes cleaned
Favorite Foods
Chicken, Peeking duck, Yogurt
Favorite Pastimes
Belly rubs, Licking his humans, Doing parkour

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