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Meet Heart

The American Shorthair-Tuxedo
Sheila Sioux Falls

Heart is a very unusual cat wherein he enjoys traveling.  The photograph was taken of him inside his favorite place: his traveling duffel bag.  He is a 12 year old very friendly and borderline outrageous cat.  He drinks water that runs out of a faucet dripping down his head (like the ones on YouTube) he also will grab your hand and force you to pet him when he desires to be petted.  Heart is hands down the most unique, wonderful, interesting cat I've ever owned!

P-hop, Big Boy, Nino Brown,
Drinking water from the faucet dripping off his head, watching people, clean laundry, catnip, cuddling, demanding attention
El VACUUM, mean people, dogs, perfume, loud music, any food other than his special cat food
Favorite Foods
He only eats FROMMS dry food. He refuses to eat tuna, salmon, wet food or milk. I know strange huh?
Favorite Pastimes
Cuddling, staring at people, lounging, sleeping, playing with hair twistys, nuzzling family members

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