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Meet Draco

The Domestic Shorthair, Mix
Mariah Mesa, Arizona

Draco is my kick back, relax kitty that goes by many of my funky nicknames.  Draco is super intelligent!!  He has been trained to do the commands sit, down, circle, shake, high 5, and come!  He hates all dogs and favors very few felines.  His best friend is Mr. Sheri.

Cat nip, Iams indoor weight food, his friend Sheri cat, cat toys, Costco turkey, and clean/dirty laundry
People, loud noises (especially the vacuum), his picture taken, and the vet
Favorite Foods
His regular food, his best friend's cat food, turkey, ice cubes, and popcorn
Favorite Pastimes
Meow for food, sleep, make Sheri (my other cat) mad, and stretching.

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