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Meet Princess Grace

Lori and Jim Ouellette new britain ct
My little Red Ridin Hood. We have had Grace since 5 weeks old. She loves to cuddle in blanket and sleeps under the blankets with me every night. I dont even need an alarm clock because she wakes me for breakfast every morning when its time to get up!! Smartest, sweetest, best cat I have ever seen. She is our whole life. oh, she also likes taking walks with us on the bach in the nice weather ❤❤❤
2.5 yrs
Gracy Gray, cat burglar (from when i cant find my missing sock lol)
sittin on window sill getting fresh air, sitting on my shoulder, snuggling, being ribbed unfer chin
Favorite Foods
Indoor cat chow, friskies wet food, treats, tuna
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, playing with toys

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