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Meet Penelope

The Bombay
Nadia Saint Joseph, MO

Our Penelope has a very weird, funny, and loving personality. She's spoiled to say the least. ;) But in a good way. She loves sleeping and cuddling on you during the day and night. And believe it or not, she loves having her belly rubbed. It gets her motor going. 8) She loves sitting on anything that you're trying to use at that moment, Will talk "meow" back to you when you address/talk to her.She's just an amazing cat/buddy. We love our Penellers. =)

Penellers, Luxurious, Isosceles, Baby kitteh, NPC
Lounging, Talking, Getting into Shopping Bags, Sneakily pawing at my human's food dish, Laying on technology, Chasing pieces of paper, sleeping in between my human's legs at night, laying on human's face in the morning purring, food, belly rubs.
Water, Half a bowl of dry food left, Anyone grabbing my tail, Eggs in cat food, not being luxurified, that red dot on the wall and floor.
Favorite Foods
I like to keep thing interesting by changing my appetite for wet food every so often. Chicken, Salmon, Tuna, Beef, you name it. I probably will love it and then stop eating it after a few weeks. Currently, I am loving my dry cat food, seafood sensations.
Favorite Pastimes
Hanging out and wrestling with my old pal, Lala, a Dachschund. Sitting on the warm windowsill, observing the world, contemplating life.

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