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Meet Hershey Welch

The Long Hair Domestic
Sandra Welch Wellington Ks

Hershey's a 6 yr old rescue. He came to us thru an adoption from a shelter. He's a high maintinence little man. We knew we wanted someone to bond with my sister Sandy as she went thru the last of her chemo and radiation. They bonded and still remain close, however Hershey has decided that all 3 of us will have a unique relationship with him. We all enjoy his attention as he demands love and affection. We're lucky that he gives it all back as well. 

Sir Hershey Fur
Food attention sleep and my 10 yr old daughter eating my yogurt and fruit
Being tricked to go to the vet
Favorite Foods
Strawberries bananas and yogurt
Favorite Pastimes
Pretending I'm able to train him

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