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Meet Ginger

The Royal Bengal Cat
Debarpita Das Kolkata, India
Our Ginger is a hyper active, bird watching kitten who runs faster than the speed of light. She is 9 months old and we hand raised her since she first opened her eyes. Her cat Mum was killed by a boy in our neighborhood and since then, I'm her non-furry Mumma. She's our baby girl and we love snuggling with her- when she allows us to, that is!
9 Months
Mamai, Princess Mamtuputai of Ghaptiland, Biu Biu, Mau Mau, Mamma
Bird watching, sleeping, playing with strings, throwing things off tables, drinking water off guest's glasses
Too much touching and kissing and lifting
Favorite Foods
Whiskas Dry Kitten Food and our bits of our breakfast brown bread toast
Favorite Pastimes
Climbing window ledges, tables and pretty much anything high!

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