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Meet Sir Simon

The unknown
Sir Simon is a rescue who adopted our Family several years ago as young tike. He lives with 4 of his adopted chocolate cocker spaniel sisters which he thinks are the bomb. He is extremely affectionate and michievous....His first year with us he tried to climb up our Christmas tree.....He loves flowers....to smell them....eat them and play with them....His favorite food is Salmon....and can you blame him....His sister Mia shares his love of this ocean delicasy.
Bam Bam and Bubalishis
chasing his bird on a stick, playing with his sisters, flowers, sun himself on the deck, Christmas trees, loves his ears to be cleaned, he loves to climb on you and have you pet and adore him, he loves to climb in boxes and pack himself in suitcases.
water, dicipline, he hates to go to bed at night in his room, thunder, being left home alone or put in the kennel hotel, when his poop poo box is dirty, when his sisters step on him
Favorite Foods
Salmon, Tuna, Chicken, greens
Favorite Pastimes
Lounging, eating, exploring, getting into trouble and blaming it on his sisters

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