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Meet Charles and Ace

The Domestic longhair/Domestic shorthair
Jamie A. Everett

This is a packaged deal! Charles (left) is 1 1/2 years old and is just as precious as he looks!  Everybody dotes on Charles, including his 5 year old feline brother from another mother, Ace, who washes his face & ears for him daily, and even cleans up after him in the catbox. Charles loves headbumping everybody and imitating human language by murmuring under his breath.  Ace loves getting his neck scratched, giving hugs & kisses and is an amazing watchcat. 

1.5 yrs./5 yrs.
Chartles & Asics
Running up and down the stairs catching toys/Fresh catnip from the garden
Looking out the window and seeing anyone in "their" yard that doesn't belong.
Favorite Foods
FISH! (wet food) All I have to do is say the word "fish" and they stampede into the kitchen.
Favorite Pastimes
Sports - Team Mousecatching

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