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Meet Sweet Pea

The Exotic Longhair
Pamela Bartko Champaign, IL

Hi, my name is Sweet Pea. I am a tiny, little Exotic that never grew bigger than 3 lbs and most of that is my heart. I love to travel around my neighborhood and meet people:like being held by all the bank tellers, going to the pharmacy, cuddling with staff at the airport and even traveling to the market.You can hold me like a baby and I never squirm, jump or cry. I just love going out and being the center of attention! My wish is to meet each of you too!  >^..^<

Pee Pee
Going out to meet and be held by.....well, everyone!
Getting a Lion Cut (but it feels good after it is done!)
Favorite Foods
Party Mix treats
Favorite Pastimes
Sitting up high in my cat tree

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