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Meet Stevie

The Calico
Alyssa D Atlanta, GA

Stevie is a 9-week old Calico & Maine-Coone rescue from Atlanta, GA. Favorite pasttimes include napping in Mom's lap while she reads, sitting on Mom's keyboard while she types important e-mails to senior faculty, and chasing her favorite frenemies, catnip mice, all around the condo. Goals include one day climbing on top of the kitchen counter to finally demolish that orchid. She's named after the poet Stevie Smith, on whom Mom is writing her doctoral dissertation. 

9 weeks
Stevie Louise
Macbook keyboards, chewing houseplants, nibbling Mom's ear
The $30 cat bed I bought her from Petco–why would I use that when your pillow is so close, with your head on it? Also, inexplicably, Edith Sitwell's Collected Poems–I will one day destroy that book.
Favorite Foods
salmon wet cat food–deliiiiiicious.
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping with my bum on mom's face, making mom sit with me while I eat, snuggling under Mom's chin while she studies

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