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Meet BooBoo

The Domestic Black
Maya Collierville

BooBoo was adopted around four years ago along with his brother, Tigger. Lets just say he wasn't what we were expecting. When we went to the shelter to look for cats, we found Boo at the back of his cage, hiding from everyone. After about a week of staying at our house, a whole new personality unfolded. A bratty, spoiled, crazy, ADORABLE personality. Ever since then he has been the weirdest, cutest cat we've ever had. P.S. He's also on a diet (if you know what I mean)

4 years old
Boo, Brat Cat, Mister Naughty, Boo-Bear, Weirdo
Harassing you while you sleep, waking you up, pawing your face while barely putting his claws out to wake you up, crying, catching "prey", fighting his brother, laying around, begging, whining, causing trouble, trying to fit into cracks, eating
finding out he's too big to fit into a crack, not getting fed for over 20 minutes, shut doors, not enough attention, too much attention, being ignored, not getting his way, when people follow him because he's cute
Favorite Foods
treats, warmed up Fancy Feast with a little bit of water in it (he's picky), meat that has been chopped into microscopic bits (again, picky), food, chicken flavored vitamin powder
Favorite Pastimes
begging, crying nonstop, ignoring people, suffocating his prey to kill it, fighting his brother, making strange noises, being cute, getting belly rubs, waking people up

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