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Meet Tigger

The Tabby
Maya Collierville

Tigger is a cuddly boy who was adopted by us around four years ago, along with his brother, BooBoo. The second I laid eyes on him in the shelter, he immedietly started desperately pawing at the cage bars while meowing at me, while his brother sat silently at the back of the cage, nervously. Ever since we adopted him we haven't stopped loving him. He never bites us, scratches us or anything. He is also the cuddliest, sweetest cat ever! We love this boy and his silly brother to death!

4 years old
Tiggy, Tigglet, Tigg, Tiggs, Doug
hunting, playing, snuggling, kneading, sleeping, tearing up couches, begging, iced water, waterfalls, toys, hoarding live rodents in the pantry
being ignored, too little attention, too much attention, dogs, his brother, being held (he puts up with it, but he'll glare at you while you hold him), strangers
Favorite Foods
spiders, treats, vitamin powder for cats, vegetables, chips, turkey, chicken
Favorite Pastimes
playing with laser light toys, tackling his brother, sleeping, crying to go outside, ruining furniture

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