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Meet Tipton

The Domestic long-hair
Dawn Munford, TN

Tipton  came into my life as a sick little foster kitten along with his siblings and mom. Twice he teetered on the line of life and death. With his will and my care, he pulled through and thus the inseperable bond between us was formed. Now, he is a happy, healthy, spoiled, house kitty. Recently, we lost his bengal brother to renal failure. We made a "bengal" Christmas tree to honor his brother's memory.

2 years old
Tippurr, Purrcat, Tippy, TIp TIp
rolling on his back to have it scratched, being combed, batting hard candies around the house
Being ignored when he flops on his back
Favorite Foods
kitty food, kitty treats, tuna
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping in a sunny spot, looking out the window, following his mom everywhere she goes

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