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Meet Billy

Dawn Silverdale

I'd been volunteering at my local shelter for about 8 months, when Billy was surrendered by his family for medical reasons. Being an older cat potential adopters over looked him time.and time again. After a week passed  I asked my husband if our 3 cat, 2 dog family had room for a sweet older boy. Yes it did and Billy joined our family on April Fools Day. He's no joke, Billy is a fluffy purr machine, who is enjoying a second chance at love. 

Billy McChilly, Chuckie Cheese, Cranky Boy
Tummy Rubs, food, cozy places to nap, going outside on a leash
being told no
Favorite Foods
pizza he is not supposed to eat it but he is a master thief
Favorite Pastimes
catnip sniffing, grass eating,

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