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Meet Chapy

The Japanese Bobtail
Katy Nikolaou Athens, Greece
My name is Chapy and I am a Japanese Bobtail cat. I got the name Chapy because mum and dad say that I am a happy chappy and make others happy! Yes, I said bobtail and that is why my tail is so tiny like a bunny. Also my back feet are longer than my front feet and that is the reason I can run so fast and jump so high, just like a bunny! I am usually quite talkative and very affectionate. My story begins on 9th of December 2014, the day I was born in Geneva, Switzerland. More: http://chapycat.com
1 year old
running, hunting, sleeping, biting (playing)
water, doesn't like petting him for more than 3 minutes. - See more at: http://moderncat.com/starcat/entry/chapy#sthash.OQQELXMA.dpuf
Favorite Foods
turkey, chicken
Favorite Pastimes
chasing mouse toys, running for no reason,

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