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Meet Queen Fluffybottom

The Domestic long hair
Violetta Toronto

Queen Fluffybottom maintains that she stems from a long line of royals, of the House of Yoingstrays. Little does she know, she was actually picked up on the street when her previous owner abandoned her cat's litter. Well... The Queen will show them all! She is determined to maintain her reign, and will go through as many tuna cans as necessary. Hair balls will roll! If you'd like to see more of her, visit me on instagram @queenfluffybottom

Lisa, Queen, Fluffbutt, Madame Fuzz
Sleeping, ordering the squirrels around, sleeping a little more
Squirrels, empty food bowls, litter box sand between her toes
Favorite Foods
Boiled chicken and house flies
Favorite Pastimes

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