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Meet Scar Jonathan

The Ragdoll mix
Arika Rought Belding
Scar is a loved cat. Every time I post any pictures of him or a story about him everyone goes crazy! I just got a comment saying "he is so beautiful he looks fake!" Every time I go to a friends house they comment on how adorable scar is. Hes very popular around our area. Our neighbors also tell us they sit and watch him through the windows. (Since hes an indoor cat) we are blessed to have such a nice beautiful kitty!
Son, sadom, scar, sonny
Food, looking out windows, pooping in front of a mirror, catnip, toys, running after our ankles, running around the house, chasing things, naps with his owners, and watching fish
His clothes, car rides, the cabin, when you don't pay attention to him, baths, when his window is closed
Favorite Foods
Natural cat foods, saltine crackers, milk,
Favorite Pastimes
Putting puzzles together with our niece, family pictures, outdoor strays, his first christmas

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