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Meet Sabali

The Tabby
Breanna Taylor and Matt Pelland Ymir BC

Sabali is a small, crazy little tabby! She looks innocent but she just wants to get close enough to get a little nibble in, maybe a scratch. She loves the outdoors, and climbing trees. She likes treats and food and meowing untill she gets what she wants. Sabali acts tough when others are around but when its just her and her mommy she loves to get right in my face and pur and cuddle. Shes a sweetheart with an attitude! 

Sabes, Bebe, Sable Cat, Roadhouse, Rodeo, Sabey Babey, Stinky, Spit Kit
biting, hunting, staring out the window, scratching on the couch, sleeping, pretending to cuddle so she can bite, licking peoples faces, toys, antyhing she can climb, anything she can knock off the table
dogs, other cats, cat noises, baths, bears, when matt yells "french inhale"
Favorite Foods
a bite of whatever im eating, salmon, tuna water, catnip, temptations
Favorite Pastimes
she always one ups her storys so its so hard to choose, but when i found her on the side of the road and spent my first week with her it was really specail.

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