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Meet Horace

The Domestic Shorthair
VaNessa Pharms and Shelton Brown Springfield

Horace is our Domestic Shorthair rescue cat. He was 1 year old when we saved him. He's a friendly and affectionate lil guy with tons of energy and stamina. If Horace hisses (which is extremely rare), you must have done something really bad to him. He's always getting into some mischief around the house and being silly. Horace loves family and children and is very protective of the home. 

Pumpkin, Buddy, Bartholomew, Horace H. Bartholomew
Climbing into small bags and boxes, getting belly rubbed by Daddy, getting fur brushed/combed, eating, bird-watching in the bedroom window
Being pet while trying to sleep, getting teeth brushed and fur washed,
Favorite Foods
Doritos, cheese, baked chicken, scrambled eggs
Favorite Pastimes
Playing tag with Daddy, throwing and chasing stuffed animals and twist ties

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