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Meet Moogie

The Longhair Tuxedo
Sherie Storos Kindersley

The second Moogie walked into our home she took over and acted as though she had always been here. She is a bit of a loner but when she wants cuddle time she is quite the talker. She has this funny way of sticking her tongue out when she meows. She loves to snuggle around my head and purrs so loudly that you can't miss it. Aside from her laser toy her favorite passtime is trying to wrestle with our smallest dog. Her eyes are two tone gold and orange! She is one of a kind.

2 years
Shmoogers and Moo-Moo
Her laser toy, her tall cat condo, her pop up cubes and tunnels
Bathing, being alone too long, and anything other than her regular food.
Favorite Foods
She only likes her normal cat food.
Favorite Pastimes
Watching the birds outside from her favorite window, ambushing the dogs, and cuddling her mom.

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