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Meet Prince Caspian

The Tuxedo
Mara and Josh Mishawaka

Prince Caspian has a personality like no other cat! He loves laser lights, which he will jump as high as a door top to get! He enjoys walking outside on his leash! If my fiance or I are not feeling well, he senses it and will come cuddle us. He gives me kisses every morning when I fill his food bowl and will not eat until he has kissed me at least 5 times! I have had many cats throughout my life, however, none of them compare to Prince Caspian! He is one of a kind!

1 1/2 years old
Laser Lights, Catnip, Walking Outside
When dad talks to him like a baby.
Favorite Foods
TUNA, Dads Grilled Chicken, and Iams Cat Food
Favorite Pastimes
Cuddling and Kisses

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