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10 Sets of Cat Siblings That Will Make You Want Another Pet Right MEOW

Nothing is Cuter Than Kitties Cuddling

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Some cats like being solitary—but it is SO adorable to see the ones that don’t cuddling!


1) Obi and Kylo

These twins share a love of TV… they even watch together! – Submitted by Tiffany G and Eric B


2) Miko, Tobi, and Miki

These three brothers are inseparable according to mom… and they’ll only grow closer as they’re only 3.5 and 4.5 months of age! – Submitted by Patricia


3) Joey and Kaya

Joey & Kaya (or JoJo & K) enjoy a cuddle in the sunlight together. – Submitted by Heather T


4) Moxie and Monkey

These two little rescues didn’t waste any time finding their favourite spot. – Submitted Anonymously


5) Kahlua and JD

These Chocolate Point Siamese brothers lounge on their cat tower in the sunlight. Rough life… – Submitted by Heather G


6) Kitty and Gizmo

These Tennessee Tabby’s love each other so much, they’ll cuddle almost anywhere… including the kitchen floor! – Submitted by Marissa


7) Ginny and Griffin

I wonder what those two troublemakers are looking at… – Submitted Anonymously


8) Freddie, Rocky, Mickey, Ricky & Lucky

This family of five is waiting patiently for a treat… well, maybe four of them are patiently waiting… – Submitted by Kerry M


9) Toffee and Lucky Irish

These Tabbys are posing pretty for the camera! – Submitted by Shelley R


10) Rafiki

Rafiki has a canine sibling but they still cozy up like siblings should! He doesn’t let his Feline Leukemia stop him from sharing all his love. – Submitted by Kassandra


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