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Illustration besprozvannykh/
Illustration besprozvannykh/

Tiny Cat Stories – Spring/Summer 2022

Cat love in short form: miniature, reader-submitted cat stories of no more than 100 words.

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Featured illustration Besprozvannykh/

Tiny Cat Story - Dot


Her name is Dot, a black cat with a single spot of white on her chest, centered like a mismatched button. She got her name because she just showed up, not in our driveway but in our friends, just before we had arrived. Saying with her eyes, “It’s about time.” Our friend did not like cats, imagine that! She came with us instead of to a shelter. She is very reserved but has over the years become a large presence in our family. Dot was also my late mother’s nickname. I think she would be flattered.—Joseph A. Dewan


Tiny Cat Story - Bunny

My Garden Bunny 

Whoever said handicapped cats are just so sad never met the bunny. She suffered from the affliction known as manx syndrome. Although the bunny was handicapped in her body, her love for me knew no bounds. The bunny was by far the smartest cat I ever owned. She learned to sit, laydown, shake hands, and play dead on command easily. I like to think that the bunny is waiting for me in heaven in our special garden and that we will one day be together again. Be careful bunny and don’t you fall off that pearly gate!—Barbara Warner


Tiny Cat Story - Alissa Huff

She Found Me

A Good Samaritan saw a kitten while driving down a busy road at rush hour. He stopped to try and help but the kitten disappeared. After driving a total of 90 minutes, including a four-hour stop at work, the kitten popped out of the wheel well like nothing happened. Through a Facebook post, I found and agreed to foster this kitten. I’ve fostered many cats and truly believe cats have the ability to find the people who need them the most. She traveled all that way to find me.—Alissa Huff


Tiny Cat Story Dr Caesar

Dr. Caesar, Psy-cat-ogist 

Caesar was our first cat, and he came into our lives when I separated from my then husband. My daughter Stephanie was eight and her whole world had just collapsed. Caesar, only two months at the time, took it upon himself to be her confidant, therapist, and friend. If he heard her crying, he would meow outside her bedroom door until she let him in. And then he would listen, and cuddle, and purr until his work was done, and he would take a nap in her sock drawer. I don’t know what we would have done without him.—Nancy Scala



Little No More 

Luna was this tiny dilute calico kitten in a large cage at the shelter, surrounded by her hyperactive brothers. All she wanted was to be held. When I noticed her, the staff quickly laid her in my arms. She immediately started to purr and made herself comfortable. We had to leave (we were only supposed to be dropping off supplies!), but I didn’t want to put Luna back in her cage. Her adoption was finalized the next day, along with one of her brothers. This once fragile kitten now runs the house with her loud voice and swift paw.—Krista Carboni




Sassy, distinguished by her little black nose against her alabaster fur, was my best buddy and support for 15 of her 19.5 years of life. Loyal and loving, she comforted me with her affection after my husband passed away. She was the sentinel at the foot of my bed, never budging, during my initial post-operative recovery from total knee replacement. Her tiny black nose would appear at the door whenever I entered my apartment because she could discern the sound of my garage door from others. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge with me by her side in November 2021.—Linda S. Moellering

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