Cancor Innovations

The Holiday crinkle ball is the purr-fect way to make your furry friend feel special during the holiday season! This toy combines fun, engagement, and festive cheer to keep your cat entertained for hours.

Cat Dancer

Four feet of rainbow coloured plush fabric attached to an unbreakable wand inspires snake hunting adventures in the minds of cats! Certified safe, colourfast and non-toxic, the Rainbow Cat Charmer toy is made in Cat Dancer’s solar powered factory in Wisconsin.

Ducky World

The Yeowww! Catnip Kris Krinkle Gift Bundle comes bagged and tagged and ready for giving. Whether naughty or nice, cats will be clamoring for a bundle of this holiday cheer! Includes 3 Yeowww! Catnip toys and a mini bag of catnip.

Fringe Studio

Featuring a wooden wand, felt, crinkle paper, and catnip for lots of interactive play, PetShop by Fringe Studio’s “Happy Skies” multi-sensory teaser cat toy is the purrfect gift for kitties!

Purrfect Play

Purrfectplay Catnip Baby Carrots are perfect to toss, carry, and juggle! Little organic cotton gems that keep your kitties active. Made in the USA, these toys are fragrant, fresh, and plastic free!


Gift peace of mind with Tractive’s CAT Mini, the world’s #1 GPS tracker for cats! Featuring Live GPS tracking, activity and sleep tracking, Virtual Fence and more.

ORSDA Cat toysORSDA cat wand toys for indoor cats offer different modes to choose from and also features a smart night mode. Your cat can enjoy different play experiences.

Define Planet

These lightweight Silver Vine Activity Balls made with 100% shredded silver vine and held together with natural gum. Easy for your feline friend to playfully roll, with the added benefit of improved oral health and stress reduction!


Countdown to a meowgical holiday season with the Catcouver Cat Advent Calendar! Treat your furry friend to daily surprises and festive feline fun. A purrfect way to celebrate together!



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