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Bright Idea: DIY Puzzle Toys for Cats

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Keep your cat entertained for hours with a Tupperware filled with cat toys and treats. Just cut holes in the lid (be sure to smooth any rough or sharp edges) and voilà, you’ve made your own cat puzzle-toy! 

Tips for making the puzzle toy:

  • Make sure the materials the container is made from are not too thick or it will be harder to make the holes in the lid.
  • Measure out/mark where you want the holes before cutting them.
  • Smooth/sand off any rough edges from the holes you have cut to make sure your cat’s paws don’t get scratched or poked.
  • Make sure the holes are large enough for your cat’s paw to fit in. (We cut them to about 1.5 – 2 inches in diameter)
  • For beginners: use some of your cat’s favourite toys and treats to encourage them to dig/seek/actually use the puzzle. Be sure to choose some toys or treats that are easy for your cat to remove from the puzzle.

To challenge your cat: use toys or treats that are harder to remove.


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