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Cats in Black and White

A Lovely Collection of Cat Photography - Without Colour

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There’s something about a picture of a black-and-white cat that just reminds us of Paris. Look over these elegant, artistic cat poses and tell me that you don’t imagine them all having French accents! In any case, we love these dignified, artsy photos below.


1) Eleanor

Eleanor was apparently a “problem cat”, but now she looks completely gorgeous! Tres chic, non? – Eleanor submitted by Stephanie Ann


2) Artemis

Artemis takes a doze in black and white. – Submitted by Kelsey R


3) Georgia

Georgia has that glamorous camera-ready face down pat! – Submitted by Tiffany


4) Georgina

Georgina enjoys a lazy sunny Sunday afternoon. – Submitted by Megan C


5) Suki

Suki gets cozy in his black-and-white bed. – Submitted by Christopher G


6) Smoky

Smoky certainly looks smoking in this lovely photo. – Submitted by Mathew


7) Helmeri

Helmeri is so handsome! – Submitted by Max


8) Kaze

Kazé (Wind) is twin sister to Mizu (Water). A beautiful name for a beautiful cat! – Submitted by Alan KW


9) Shimma Shimma Longshanks

Shimma Shimma Longshanks is a highly inquisitive and energetic cat! – Submitted by Anneka B


10) Thumper

Thumper is handsome and he knows it! – Submitted anonymously

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