Finally a bowl designed for pets! The Loving Bowl is the first ever ergonomically correct pet bowl to hit the market, allowing your pet to feed at a 45 degree angle rather than a 90 degree angle downwards. The result, reduced mess, gas/bloating and no more food getting incrusted in their faces. The Loving Bowl was designed with a ridge or slope into the backend of the bowl, allowing your pet to push the food up on the ridge and segregate small portions or individual morsels so they can enjoy their meal in peace without struggling to get their food out of a deep dish. Originally designed for Brachycephalic (flat faced) breeds such as Persian and Himalayan cats, The Loving Bowl is proving a favorite with all breeds of Cats and Dogs since its design leads to a straighter esophagus while feeding and thus far less issues and mess to deal with. The Loving Bowl makes a great water bowl too! All pet owners who try The Loving Bowl are raving about the instant results, from decreased bloating, to less mess, to even slowing their pet down while they eat. With a standard deep dish bowl pets eat quicker as the quick motions help them grasp the food, with The Loving Bowl’s patented ridge design, the pleasure of taking time and enjoying ones meal is now a welcome part of feeding process. It’s like giving your pet a Knife & Fork! Feed your pet with the love they deserve,