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Healthy Paws

Solutions for everything from feline acne to anxiety and stinky litter boxes.

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Antibiotic-Free Skin Care

If your cat has a wound, hot spots, cuts, or skin infections due to bacteria or fungus, vet-recommended ZYMOX Topical Spray with 0.5% Hydrocortisone offers relief—without the use of antibiotics! ($18,


Natural, Non-Toxic Litter

Safe for both your cat and the environment, Snappy Paws Cat Litter is made with 100% natural, non-toxic, plant-based materials that are also 100% compostable and biodegradable! Available in Unscented, Lavender, and Vanilla varieties. (From $20,


Anxiety Solution

Anxious cat? Try this vet-recommended solution. ThunderWunders Cat Calming Paw Gel is made with cat-safe natural ingredients such as oat, chamomile, and passionflower to effectively calm cats. Simply apply to your cat’s paws. ($18,


Effortless Cat Dental Health

Maintaining your cat’s dental health is made easy with the safe, odourless, and tasteless Pet Dental Water Additive from Oxyfresh! Add it to your cat’s water bowl to help keep your cat’s teeth clean in between vet visits. ($16,


Wellness Booster

Add needed moisture to your cat’s diet with this nutritional powerhouse! The Beef Bone Broth from Primal Pet Foods ensures hydration while supporting digestion and joint and liver health. ($10,



Keeping your cat hydrated is crucial for kidney and urinary tract health and overall wellbeing! CATWATER Urinary Formula is natural spring water that is chlorine-free, mineral-free, and pH balanced to meet a cat’s specific needs. (From $2,

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