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Healthy Paws – Spring/Summer 2023

Solutions for everything from irritated ears to easy dental health!

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1. Feline Facial

Does your cat have facial wounds, irritation, or acne? Vetericyn Plus Feline Antimicrobial Facial Therapy is an antibiotic- and steroid-free liquid formula that cleans, soothes, and prevents potential infection. It’s safe if licked or ingested and won’t sting. ($13,

2. Clean Teeth

Forget the toothbrush—cleaning your cat’s teeth is made easy with Pet Dental Finger Wipes from HICC Pet. These wipes feature organic refined coconut oil, baking soda, and chamomile extract to help clean plaque and tartar, freshen breath, and keep teeth healthy—ultimately saving you money on vet bills!  ($16,

3. Feline Stress Buster!

Struggling with feline anxiety and stress or multi-cat household tension? Easy to use and clinically proven, the Feliway Optimum Starter Kit diffuser releases comforting pheromones into the air to help cats relax and adapt during stressful situations. ($55,

4. Happy Ears

Itchy, irritated, smelly ears bothering your cat? The Advanced Pet Ear Cleaner from Oxyfresh gently removes wax, dirt, and mites, soothing and cleaning your cat’s ears for a happy kitty! ($15,

5. Grooming Cats Love

If your cat loves being brushed and pet, they’ll love the HandsOn Grooming Gloves! These grooming gloves can be used dry or wet and help de-shed your cat’s fur while also distributing natural oils for skin and coat health. ($25,

6. Delicious Cat Dinner

Cats need protein and moisture in their diet! The Snappy Tom Lites Chicken with Salmon formula is made with sustainably and responsibly sourced ingredients and packed with vitamins and minerals. Plus, cats love the taste! ($2 per can,

7. A Better Litter, Naturally

Reduce your cat’s litter box pawprint with Boxie Cat’s Eco Farm To Box ultra-sustainable clumping litter! Biodegradable and made from no-till soft red wheat and perennial rye, this litter naturally controls odour and does not contain any added chemicals or fragrances.  ($20,

8. Litter Cats Love

Sustainable and lightweight, Catalyst Pet’s Soft Wood cat litters clump well and offer superior odour control. Find a litter that meets your needs with their Multi-Cat, Healthy Cat, and Unscented formulas! (from $15,

9. Easy Clean Coat

Everyone knows cats don’t like baths! Easily freshen up your cat’s coat with The Mane Tame foaming waterless shampoo from Pride + Groom. Easy to use, it offers quick cleaning and deodorizing while ingredients like avocado, coconut, flax, and jojoba oil boost coat health!  ($20,

10. Tuna for Dinner!

The Classic Indoor Dry Cat Food Tuna and Brown Rice formula from Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food contains ingredients such as tuna, chicken meal, brown rice, carrots, and apples for a balanced meal. Added vitamins and minerals also help support your cat’s heart, skin, immune, and digestive health! (from $19,

11. Goodbye, Cone of Shame!

Suitical’s vet-recommended feline Recovery Suit is a welcome alternative to the medical cone, comfortably protecting cats recovering from veterinary procedures, skin conditions,
and more!

12. A Bite For Better Health

Support your cat’s gut, immune, and oral health with the ProDen PlaqueOff System Holistic Soft Bites for cats! Perfect for cats with sensitive stomachs, these sweet potato and pumpkin-flavoured chews also contain probiotics. ($12,

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