PetPace, a leading provider of innovative wearable health monitoring technology, which recently released a smart health and wellbeing collar for dogs, today announced the launch of a matching collar designed specifically for cats. Now, cat parents, too, can enjoy peace of mind, knowing they will be alerted immediately when abnormal vitals, physiological or behavioral patterns are detected in their pets.

“There are approximately 38.9 million cat-owning households in the United States, putting cat ownership at an all-time high,”said Abraham Menkes, PetPace CEO. “We have been thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response to our dog collars and are confident that cat lovers will want one as well.”
Designed for use on cats over 8 lb., PetPace uses non-invasive sensors to accurately and continuously monitor temperature, pulse, respiration, activity levels, calories and more throughout the day. The data, accessible to cat parents via a smartphone app, is then uploaded to a proprietary cloud-based engine which analyzes individual historical and breed-specific attributes. If the collar detects any abnormalities, an alert is sent in real-time to the cat owner and veterinarian, allowing for prompt attention and treatment of the issue.
“When you love something as much as owners love their pets, health is of the utmost importance,”said Dr. Asaf Dagan, Chief Veterinarian for PetPace. “Cats are truly part of the family, but there is a gap in our ability to detect their pain or medical conditions. PetPace closes this gap by enabling cats, for the first time, to ‘tell’us how they feel,which lets owners rest assured that their cat’s disease or discomfort doesn’t go unnoticed,” he concluded.

Developed in cooperation with expert veterinarians, the PetPace collar and its data are also intended for use by veterinarians to aid in both in-hospital monitoring and follow-up monitoring after discharge from the hospital.

How it works: The collars come with a router and then work either through your computer or iPhone or Android devices to alert you if there’s any significant health detections in you cat…you can always log in of course just to check in on your cat too, what is his heart rate, breathing pattern, activity level, temperature, etc.!  Why is this important, because now our cats can talk to us…kind of, tell us how they’re feeling and even a half hour of early detection can make a huge difference in certain ailments!