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This common physical attribute is believed to be a result of evolution!


Some cats may struggle with their weight, especially if they are an indoor cat and they have a hard time self-regulating how much they eat! As a cat parent, it is important to monitor their diet and how much they eat in order to keep them at a healthy weight. However, you may notice your cat has a pouch of skin hanging on their belly regardless of how much they weigh. This is their primordial pouch!

What is the primordial pouch? Veterinarians and experts believe it is a physical characteristic that carried over from evolution in domestic cats and it performs several functions for both our feline companions and wild cats:

1. Food Storage

Wild and domestic cats have some major differences in diet and access to food. However, both wild and domestic cats may overeat or have to go a long time between meals (especially if they are in the wild hunting their own food or a stray). The primordial pouch helps felines store excess energy and food they consume, serving as a built-in food storage and fat reserve tool.

2. Aiding in Movement

Cats love to stretch, climb, and run (when they aren’t napping!) The primordial pouch is access skin, which allows cats to stretch out and take longer strides when running and playing.

3. Protection

The primordial pouch also protects the vital organs within the abdominal region with another layer of skin and fat. This can be useful for both wild and domestic cats if they get into a fight with another feline or other mischief that could potentially injure their abdomen.

If you are worried about your cat’s weight, it is important to consult your veterinarian and monitor their dietary habits and overall food consumption. Nevertheless, the primordial pouch is a very common physical attribute in cats and almost every cat has one so it may not be a cause for concern! There are some breeds that it is more predominant and noticeable with, such as the Egyptian Mau, Japanese Bobtail, Pixie Bob, and the Bengal. It can also be more noticeable in male cats when compared to female cats or cats who were previously overweight.

Does your cat have a primordial pouch? We dare you to be brave and touch their bellies to find out!

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