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Nekochan Enterprises Honoured with New Product Award at Superzoo 2014

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Nekochan Enterprises Inc. is excited to announce that its newest product–Neko Birbug and the Telescoping Rod–received a New Product Showcase award at Superzoo 2014 in Las Vegas. Superzoo, which concluded just last week, has over 14,000 attendees considering products from over 900 exhibitors. New products are voted on by the attendees by category. Neko Birbug was selected in the Cat category.

Given the uniqueness of Neko Birbug and the Telescoping Rod, it is not surprising that this product was selected:
– Telescoping Rod: Can be retracted to 18” or extended to 32” allowing the rod to be packed for travel. With the added ability to adjust the string length of the toy, the telescoping rod can accommodate any size playing area. It can also be used with other clip toys, including Neko FliesTM.
– Birbug: The wand toy that GLIDES. You can simulate the glide of a flying insect or bird or the movement of bugs. Cats are stimulated to jump, pounce and fly after Birbug again and again.

Both products are designed to Nekochan’s high standard of quality and durable materials with special attention to ensuring the cat’s safety while playing with the toy. Neko Birbug’s components–as well as shape, size, and colour–were specifically chosen to be eye-catching to the cat and to excite their natural hunting instincts.

Neko Birbug and the Telescoping Rod will be available to consumers in November 2014.

Nekochan’s President and Head Designer, Ellen Tsuyuki, was honoured to be recognized. “As a small business of 5 years, it is incredible to be selected amongst all the possible exhibitors by the retailers and industry experts. I came to this business as a consumer looking for great products for my feline family, and I invest my heart and my passion into the design and production of each of Nekochan’s products. Nekochan’s product line educates both owners and retailers about the value of interactive toys to exercise and bond with cats. Nekochan’s vision to develop unique, high quality pet toys breaks barriers in terms of how owners interact with, and think about, their cats, bringing expanded possibilities
to the cat product marketplace.

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