Out Of Sight Litter Box

Love your cat(s)… hate all the litter box problems? Me too! That is why I invented the Out of Sight Litter Box. Let me guess…you have  litter mess all around the pan area, tracked litter throughout your home, odor, you don’t want to have to kneel or bend to the floor to clean and if you also have a dog, you want to keep it out of the cat litter pan! If you want to forget about any or all of these cat litter box issues, then you should take a look at my Out of Sight Litter Box cabinet system. It is manufactured here in the USA, is high quality and it works. Read all the customer testimonials on my web site. My cabinet is available in White, Maple, Oak, Mahogany – mixes well with any cherry, Walnut and Black finishes. Included are two High-Sider litter boxes, TraxTurf pads, a scoop and an odor absorber. So, stop hating your litter box issues and start loving your cat(s) even more. Take just one minute in the morning and one in the evening to scoop and enjoy spending your time with your cat(s), not cleaning up after them. www.outofsightlitterbox.com