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Pioneer Pet

Pioneer Pet is excited to announce the launch of the Bootsie’s Corner Scratcher. Created with cat and cat parent in mind, this product really has it all. It fits nicely in almost any corner and offers a fun little hideaway for your furry friend.

Bootsie’s Corner Scratcher is made from durable construction and high quality sisal rope helping cats stretch and scratch. The 31″Wx 34″H helps to really give your cats that stretch that they need. This scratcher also offers a secret hideaway and does not take up a lot of space. Bootsie’s Corner Scratcher is perfect for almost any unused corner, also providing a nice place to hide toys. We know you and your cat will love it!

“We are very excited to introduce the Bootsie’s Corner Scratcher.” said Nancy Schmid, Director of Business Development. “SmartCat scratching products are all designed to provide environmental enrichment and solutions to cats’ natural behavioral instincts. Bootsie’s Corner Scratcher is a great option for cat parents because it does all of that, and is suitable for all spaces, larger or small. It is a simple, inexpensive product that should be in every cats home!”

About Pioneer Pet Products, LLC
Pioneer Pet creates products that enhance the quality of life for animals by providing for their behavioral needs. This mission sets us apart from other companies. Our products encourage the mental and physical stimulation of animals. Fittingly all our products are designed by behavior experts and are widely tested and approved before reaching the market.
Pioneer Pet is also associated with a non-profit behavior counseling service Cats International ( Cats International is a reliable resource for intelligent and practical solutions for solving as well as preventing difficult behavior and training problems.

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