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Stuff We Love—Fall/Winter 2016

Modern Cat staffers’ picks of the litter

Katt3 House from Be One Breed

Your cat can sleep, spy, scratch, and play in Be One Breed’s beautiful, cat-pleasing Katt3 house. Its modular design allows you to switch up the configuration as often as you please, ensuring your cat is never bored. And with a memory foam bed, scratcher, toys, and a cloud pillow, you’ll be hard pressed to get your cat away from it!Connie ($100,

NVR Miss Litterbox

My cats and I love the NVR Miss Litterbox. Not only do its high sides prevent fervent digging from spraying litter but its curved walls make for easy scooping and its easy entry is perfect for aging cats. Love it!Lauren ($21,

Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon

Adjustable front and back openings make this Comfy Cocoon ($20), part of Petmate's Jackson Galaxy line, perfect for snuggly naps—and playtime! My cat’s a big fan of darting in and out of it.—Rebekah

The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat

Prepare to smile! Making the Most of All Nine Lives: The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat ($13) is a collection of super-cute pictures that showcases Buffy getting into all kinds of mischief. Whether he’s steering a boat, firing up the BBQ, shoveling snow or winning a game of chess, Buffy is always the perfect photo model. This witty ginger cat had me in stitches!—Cecilia


Maya Meow Cat Collar from Color Pet

Strutting my stuff is easy when I’m wearing my Maya Meow Cat Collar. Because they’re handwoven, each collar’s design is totally unique, so I know I look good!—Stella the Maine Coon ($8,

Pawdentify Pet ID System

The Pawdentify Pet ID System ($22) keeps my cat Stella safe should she get outside without my knowledge. Informing anyone who finds her that she’s not meant to be outside, this tag—also totally adorable, btw—will reunite me with my best furry friend! And it comes with an easy-attach tag connector!—Jacquie

Poetry From Scratch

Combining my penchant for poetry and love of cats into one trendy little book, Poetry From Scratch (get it?) is a rhyming delight that celebrates cats—and poetry—of all shapes and sizes. Because who doesn’t love a good cat haiku?—Nav

Lilly Brush

This is my new best friend. Much as I love being covered in cat hair, it isn’t always the look I’m going for. Thankfully, a few swipes of the Lilly Brush ($20) and my ensemble is uncharacteristically free of cat hair!—Celine

Armarkat’s cute and cozy cat bed

The luxe upholstery and extra thick stuffing of Armarkat’s cute and cozy cat bed ($45) offers a semi-private nap spot/hideaway that is totally decadent.—Julia

Bach’s Rescue Remedy

Whatever the stressful situation, I turn to Bach’s Rescue Remedy ($27) to calm my cat down. Its unique blend of five flower remedies helps my cat feel much more relaxed during vet visits, thunderstorms, and when travelling—phew!—Clara

Tiger Grass Catnip Buds

If you’re looking to provide your cat with the ultimate catnip experience, look no further than 100% certified organic Tiger Grass Catnip Buds ($7). It’s grown in the U.S. and hand-harvested, capturing just the most potent part of the plant—the bud portion—which is sure to bring out the Tiger in Fluffy.—Taryn

Cat Cave from Walking Palm

I’m not sure who loves this cat cave more, me or my foster cat. It’s hand-felted from fine all-natural wool in a beautiful ombré colour—you wouldn’t even know it was a cat bed save for the kitty within its cozy walls!—Jennifer ($50,

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