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Sandi Ward

What Holds Us Together

From the author of The Astonishing Thing and Something Worth Saving, a tender, wise, and insightful novel about an imaginative tabby named Luna, a grieving single mother, and the powerful support our four-legged companions can give us in even the darkest of times.

Told through the alternating point of views of a cat named Luna and a human named Annika, What Holds Us Together is about a family struggling to move on after the sudden death of Annika’s husband, Peter. Peter always told Annika that they had the best love story going, yet the fact is that much of their story has been hidden away, even from their children. When Annika’s first love, Sam, arrives to plow them out during an intensifying storm, the truth begins to emerge at last. And Luna—watchful and unwavering in her affection—may be her family’s best hope of learning how to forgive and to heal . . .