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Stuff We Love – Spring/Summer 2014

Modern Cat staffers’ picks of the litter

Sweet Pickles Bowtie

My cat looks beautiful no matter what but with this adorable bow tie from Sweet Pickles Designs, she's now the most stylish kitty on the block! All their bow ties are handcrafted and feature an elastic loop so you can easily take them on and off. Appropriately, my cat's favourite design is “The Social Butterfly.” —Kara ( $6,

Cat Enclosure from Cats on Deck

Designed by people heavily into rescue, these unique cat enclosures are strong, lightweight, quick and easy to assemble, and allow you to change configuration or size on a whim! Perfect for use indoors or out!—Jennifer (from $495,

Sterling Silver Jewelry Cremation Urn from Pacific Urn

These unique sterling silver jewelry cremation urns on a sterling chain are a beautiful way to memorialize a beloved cat. Fill the urn with a small amount of cremated remains, then wear around your neck to keep memories of your loved one close to your heart. Also available in gold and platinum.—Connie (From $155,

Lion Lure Toy from Tiger Teasers

Bring out your cat’s inner lion! You cat will love playing with this Lion Lure toy that mimics the movement of a rodent. Slide the wand out from under a door or sofa or hide around a corner and tease your cat with it. You'll enjoy watching your kitty have a blast!—Julia ($7 - $10,

The Litter Robot

Thanks to the Litter Robot, I will never scoop litter again. This self-sifting unit only requires me to empty the waste tray every couple of days, even with two cats! Bending and scooping are a thing of my past.—Lauren ($369,

Cattino Rattino Scratcher

So cute! Cats will love the durable, sloped cardboard scratching surface of the Cattino Rattino scratcher, and the fun tail will also provide hours of entertainment.—Maxine ($29,

Handcrafted Wooden Cat-bowl Holder

Practical and chic, that’s my motto. So, naturally, I love this beautifully handcrafted wooden cat-bowl holder. The raised feeder prevents messes, improves my cat's dining experience, and, the best part, its high-quality craftsmanship and lovely shape complement my kitchen décor!—Luisana ($25,

Modern Cat Feeder from Trendy Pet

This ultra modern cat feeder is perfect for any interior. Plus, it's available in various heights, is super easy to clean, and is BPA-free! What more could you want?—Vanessa ($55,

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