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The Best Cat Accounts

Must-follow accounts for your daily dose of feline cuteness

By: Modern Cat

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1. @heidiwranglescats (184k followers)

Photo: @heidiwragnlescats

Super-popular on both Instagram and TikTok, Brooklyn-based cat rescuer Heidi Wrangles Cats shares way-too-cute footage of her rescue cats and kittens along with inspiring Trap-Neuter-Release videos, bottle feedings, and chubby kitten weigh-ins.

2. Modern Cat magazine (857k followers)

Photo: Yaunna Sommersby

Join Modern Cat’s nearly one million Facebook followers for weekly Friday Freebies, cat behaviour insight, and cute/funny cats galore. Free cat stuff plus community? A no-brainer.

3. @catloversclub (6m followers)

Photo: @catloversclub

This Instagram account’s six million followers are here for the adorable cat footage. Followers from around the world submit pictures and videos, which are curated and shared on the account. Think sweet videos, like a toddler pushing her incredibly cooperative kitty in a stroller.

4. This Cat Is C H O N K Y (913k followers)

Photo: Natalie Brecese

The private Facebook Group “This Cat is Chonky” has just one rule for admission: no chonk shaming. Join to connect with other cat lovers and enjoy hilarious “life with (hefty) cats” moments, such as droll updates on large-and-in-charge cats holding boxes—and the purchases inside—hostage.  

5. @carathevettech (1m followers)

Photo: @carathevettech

Aspiring vet tech in the family? Follow Cara The Vet Tech on TikTok for funny, behind-the-scenes videos of what it’s really like to work in a veterinary practice, anal-gland expressions, difficult clients, and all.

6. @meetmayacat (528k followers)

Photo: @meetmayacat

Maya the cat has a genetic abnormality, her feline pal Dragon is paralyzed, and canine mate Mordecai is deaf. Together, they’re proving that different is awesome. Follow on Instagram for mood-lifting “day in the life” photos and videos guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

7. @sukiicat (1.9m followers)

Photo: @sukiicat

Get wild with Suki Cat. This wanderlust-inspiring account delivers impossibly gorgeous alpine vistas and emerald lakes, all explored by an intrepid Bengal cat, delighting 1.9 million followers. 

8. @DontStopMeowing (2m followers)

Photo: @dontstopmeowing

Fifi and Kareem are couple goals and “pawrents” to their three-member feline crew, Chase, Skye, and Millie. The duo adorably document their day-to-day, from brushing teeth with a clingy cat draped over one shoulder, to being pushed to the outskirts of the bed because Kareem has made room for all the cats under the covers.

9. @1Bike1World (1m followers)

Photo: @1Bike1World

Join Dean Nicholson and his intrepid cat Nala as they cycle the globe, winningly sharing updates of their adventures along the way. In 2018, Dean discovered a stray kitten near the Bosnia-Montenegro border. He scooped her up, named her Nala, and they have been travelling together ever since. They’re currently exploring the gorgeous landscape of Scotland, visiting with alpacas, and camping with Nicholson’s gran. A must-follow. 

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By: Modern Cat
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