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The Litter Box of the Future is Here

Goodbye dreaded scooping, hello effortlessly clean litter box!

Cleaning the litter box is a universally disliked task, but one that is essential to your cat’s happiness and wellbeing, not to mention key to deterring outside-of-the-box elimination. Luckily, Instachew has come to the rescue with their new, smart litter box, The Pura X, which does the dirty work for you.

Equipped with many sets of high-precision sensors to detect all aspects of the environment around the litter box, The Pura X enables accurate and safe automated cleaning. When the sensor detects the cat leaving, it is programmed to initiate the cleaning process two minutes after the cat has left. A honeycomb-shaped sieve then allows clean litter to pour through into the inner barrel while excrement is pushed into the waste box. A plant-based deodorizer eliminates odour at the source and an app even allows for health monitoring. All you have to do is remove the bag from the waste tray when you are alerted to do so! ($399,

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