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The Best Cat Litters of 2022

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Ah the litterbox, the bane of many a cat person’s existence. The good news is you can greatly improve the litterbox situation for both you and your cat by choosing the right cat litter. Choose the wrong cat litter and you can create elimination issues and a stinky house. Choose the right—and the best— litter and you’ll have a fresh home, easy to clean litterbox, and a happy cat. But not all homes (or all cats) are the same—different homes and different cats have different cat litter needs. Look no further for our picks for this year’s best cat litters of 2022, broken down for concerns and cats of all types.

1. ökocat


Key Features:

  • Plant based
  • Sustainable
  • Natural
  • Dust-free

First Impressions: ökocat litter is sustainably created from natural wood and paper fiber that is 99% dust free. This litter is a natural alternative free from synthetic chemicals, scents, and dyes. Six different formulas lend themselves to cats with delicate paws or long coats.

Helpful Reviews:

I have tried them all! I hate clumping litter, so about 15 years ago I started using the Okocat Dust-Free Unscented Non-Clumping Paper Pellet Cat Litter. Because now the price is 3 times what it was before, from time to time I’ve tried all else available on the market. This one has so far remained irreplaceable. The pellets are small and light so my cats can dig in them (all others have been really heavy), it masks smell pretty well, it absorbs more than any others without falling apart! For two cats with one box, it lasts longer than any other litter I’ve tried. And most importantly – it’s paper, so it doesn’t clog the toilet.—Milena on

This litter has really exceeded my expectations. I only put a small amount, enough to cover the bottom of the pan, scoop daily, and replace the litter at the end of the week. There has been no smell, nothing is getting stuck to the bottom of the pan., and it has been dust free. I was only going to use this temporarily but I think I will continue to use it permanently.—Tonna on

ökocat litter available on

2. Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Litter

Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Unscented Clumping Corn Cat Litter

Key Features:

  • Extra Absorbent
  • Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable
  • Flushable and Septic Safe

First Impression: This award-winning eco-friendly cat litter quickly traps odour and absorbs four times its weight in liquids. Rufus & Coco’s Wee Kitty corn-based litter contains no harmful chemicals or additives and the larger pellets reduce tracking across your floor. This unscented formula ensures your litter boxes stay fresh longer and the flushable litter makes for easy clean-up.

Helpful Reviews:

This litter is great. Tracks very little and not very far. Maybe I only see it because my kitty is an aggressive kicker. She gets a gold medal for poop coverage. Environmentally friendly since it isn’t clay. Cat likes it. Not too much dust until you get to the last little bit (1/4 cup) in the large bag. I try to withhold some at the end to avoid the dust but settles quickly. Does not attach to cat claws. Does not smell. Like at all. —Yuliya on Chewy

This is by far the best litter I’ve used, and believe me I tried many. I’m a foster and sometimes have 8-10 kittens at the time in 1 room. This litter has the best odor control out there, low tracking, and clumps beautifully. The only con is a bit dusty, but really with all the pros I don’t care. —Roksiak on Chewy

Rufus and Coco available on

3. Snappy Tom

Snappy Tom

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Environmentally safe
  • Inhibits bacteria

First Impressions: Snappy Tom litter is a non-clumping litter that only requires the removal of solid waste. The crystals trap urine and odours and come in either lavender or unscented varieties. Low-tracking ensures that the litter stays where it’s supposed to, and as an added bonus, it’s environmentally friendly,

Helpful reviews:

Didn’t have a bit of trouble changing Gilbert over to the new litter. It is the greatest. Would differently recommend – Gilbert on

This litter works very well. Lasts a long time. Just scoop out the feces and leave the urine. It keeps the smell locked in. Once it gets really dirty just throw out the litter, clean the box and put in new litter. Pretty great. One of our cats really prefers this litter.—AndreaS on

Snappy Tom available on chewy.comSnappy Tom available on


4. Catalyst Pet

Key Features:

  • Superior Odor Control
  • Unrivaled Cat Acceptance
  • Easy Clumping
  • No Dust
  • Low Tracking
  • Lightweight

First Impressions: This lightweight litter is easy to lift, carry and pour and since it has zero airborne dust, it helps keep surfaces cleaner and air clearer. This super-soft formula is crafted from upcycled softwood fiber that delivers performance all while giving you peace of mind.

Helpful Reviews:

We love this litter. It’s so much easier to handle, clumps well, and lasts forever! I have to carry everything up three flights of stairs and am so thankful to have found an option that works! The tracking is significantly less than with clay litters, and I love how much more environmentally friendly it is. My only complaint is that it doesn’t neutralize the smell of fences at all of it isn’t covered up, and Jack has never covered it for some reason. — JacksMom on

As perfect as litter can be. I live in a small apartment and this is the most low-tracking and odour-busting litter I’ve found so far. Favourite part is that it doesn’t have that nasty litter smell that many others have right out of the package. The fact that it is meant to be more eco-friendly is just the cherry on top. — Jenn on


Catalyst Pet available on

5. NextGen Pet

NextGen Pet

Key Features:

  • All natural
  • Flushable
  • Lightweight

First Impressions: Next Gen cat litter is made from wood and green tea powder to ensure an odourless experience without the use of chemicals or fragrances. It clumps without using clay or bentonite as an ingredient. This litter is flushable and earth-friendly.

Helpful Reviews:

This is great litter! The smell is very light and also completely masking. I have the litter boxes in my office and can’t stand litter box smells and I have no problems working in my office all day. The pellets do break down a bit after a couple of days, but not nearly as bad as other natural litters and it doesn’t track. The pellets sometimes go flying but that’s 1000x better than dust/tracking in my opinion most lost pellets stay on the litter mat and I can just put them back in the litter boxes when I clean them. Every natural litter claims to be the best at no smells and no dust and I’ve tried a lot of them with no success but this one finally worked for me!—Melissa on

Guys! Let me tell you the secret of a successful litter box. I have tried everything- from clay, clumping, non-clumping, worlds best, feline pine, etc etc…. so trust me when I say these two cat litters will bury your worries away. This next gen litter mixed with Almo nature unscented clumping grass litter is the combo. Minimal tracking, the best clumps I’ve ever scooped, no stinky urine smells, and my cats are good with it too! (I know they are because if they aren’t happy with a litter they’ll try to bring little towels or bags into the box to bury their deeds). The green tea scent is amaaaaazing.—Elle on

NextGen Pet available on

6. Boxie Cat

BoxiePro Deep Clean Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

Key Features:

  • Free clumping cat litter
  • Destroy unpleasant odour
  • Easy to scoop
  • Low-tracking formula
  • Purr-fect for both single- and multi-cat homes.

First Impressions: BoxiePro’s Flat Top clumps trap and prevent ammonia odors, help to keep your home fresh and odor free. Cleaner Paws = Cleaner Home is about peace of mind and more hygienic home for your family.

Helpful Reviews:

Ok, I have to admit that I bought BoxiPro because I loved their packaging (lol), but surprisingly their litter is as wonderful as their packaging! I have three indoor cats and have tried every litter under the sun … this litter is too dusty, this litter doesn’t clump, but aahhh this litter is Perfect – very little tracking, clumps perfectly, not dusty, and is unscented. Your search is over, BoxiPro is here to save the day! Side-note: (I add approx. 1/4 cup of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda to the litter boxes every few days to stop any ammonia smell that may sneak by.  —Goldilocks21 on

Works great for odor. Makes solid clumps. My cat digs around litter with gusto so it is hard to tell what is tracking and what is him kicking out litter. I like that even though it is unscented it kills litter smell. Imo clay is messy in general but best at odor control and my cat loves it. I tried crystal litter with him but he stopped using the box, so his preference wins.—Mali on

Boxie Cat litter available on



Key Features:

  • Charcoal odour control
  • Extremely absorbent
  • Lightweight

First Impressions: For those not quite ready to completely give up on clay, TeddyBob offers a composite litter that’s 70% tofu and 30% bentonite. It manages odour well and promises little tracking. As a bonus, vacuum-sealed bags save space.

Helpful Reviews: 

It doesn’t hurt my cat’s sensitive paws, smells good, clumps, and doesn’t track too much. My favourite litter I’ve used!—LaurenW on

Good quality, no smell, clumps very well, does not track as much as other litters. Also, it’s very light, I was very happy to find out that that does not take away from its performance. Very good product.—ZeynepS on Teddybob.caBuy Now

8. Sustainably Yours

Key Features:

  • Stops odours
  • Flushable
  • Sustainable

First Impressions: Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy approved! This bright white litter makes monitoring your cat’s urine changes easy. It’s odour-absorbing without the use of chemicals or fragrances. Made of corn and cassava, it’s soft on paws and flushable.

Helpful Reviews:

Deep down I have been looking for a good litter for a long time. We have had a natural litter for so many years and I just said enough is enough. This just isn’t helping. Every few weeks I had to take out all the litter, clean it and splash it and fill it up again, etc. . In the meantime, that litter lost its clean and freshness after just a few days. I was miserable. Every time I went to get a few pieces during the week it was miserable because that fresh smell was gone and the urine was just a mess. It didn’t catch any. =(. I just got so many white hairs and stress and anger. So, I was on the lookout and I found THIS!! I am SO happy. And I don’t work for these people. This is sincere! It has no smell, picks up right away and when it does there isn’t a thing left over!! And this is natural. I can’t tell you how happy I am. When I go to pick up a few pieces, especially the solid urine, I want to sing! Ahhhhhhh…..thank you!! And thanks for listening! Phew—Elizabeth on

I just adopted a three year old female Maine Coon Tabby mix from Maine Coon Rescue. Her foster mom had told me that she would only use clay litter. That she had declined to use the natural litter that was being used and had pooped outside the box. The thought of going back to clay litter was disheartening. It’s so heavy and smelly and difficult to dispose of.
So I thought what do I have to lose and purchased this natural sustainable litter. Well, it arrived and I was happy with how it looked, the nice white color. So, I set up the box and it was ready for her arrival. This poor little kitty (13 lbs.) was very freaked out by the time that I got her home and I thought to myself that I probably should not have made such a drastic change upon all the other changes in her life.
Well, the first morning, I found two super tight clumps and scooped them out. The following morning there were two more hard clumps as well as her poop. I am so happy. No smell at all. She is being kept in a very small room and there is absolutely no odor. It is not necessarily lightweight, but it is certainly lighter weight than clay.Claudia N Lawrance on

Sustainably Yours available on

9. Instachew Purrclean Smart Litter BoxINSTACHEW PURRCLEAN SMART LITTER BOXModern Cat team loves Instachew’s Purrclean Smart Litter Box, it helps owners by scooping and cleaning their cat’s litter for them. Featuring odour control options and an LED touch screen, you can schedule scooping, cleaning, and deodourizing with the Instachew app. There are also safety sensors inside and near the entrance and it is ultra-quiet. Bonus: it is compatible with all litter types!





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